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Webinar Videos

The Robert Scott Bell clip from Live Longer, Feel Better! that got us started on this journey of discovery with Infrared Saunas.
Roberto Torres Testimonial on his experience of Sauna use at Hope 4 Cancer Clinic in Mexico
EWG Video about Toxins around us.
A very short video showing the use of Saunas in helping Firefighters battle the risk of cancer from the toxic fire fumes.
Dr Ali Cohen on Toxins.
Mike Mutzel on Infrared Sauna

More on the Niacin Protocol

Sauna Protocol – If you prefer to read the transcript, please go here:
Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. George Yu, MD about Detoxification with Niacin (Vitamin B3) – Transcript

Your Resources as promised in the webinar

The movie that started it all –  ThatVitaminMovie.com

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