UltraLux Health Refund and Return Policies

UltraLux Health Return Policy

For orders placed on or after Thursday, January 18th, 2024 the return period is as follows: all products sold by UltraLux Health have a 90-day return period starting on date of shipment. The return must be initiated by the customer before the last day of the return period.

For orders placed on or before Wednesday, January 17th, 2024 the return period is as follows: Red Light Therapy products and The UltraLux Water Machine have a 45-day return period from date of delivery. All other products sold by UltraLux Health (ULH) have a 30-day return period from date of delivery. The return must be initiated by the customer before the last day of the return period.

Product(s) must be returned in like new condition* and will be inspected to ensure like new condition. Refunds will be applied to the original form of payment and are based on the actual price paid. If the original payment method is no longer active or cannot be refunded for any reason, the refund will be given in the form of store credit. Any applicable deductions are outlined below. We must be able to reference your order. If you do not have an order #, cannot show proof of payment, or we cannot find you in our systems—we cannot issue a refund. You cannot get monetary refunds for coupons, points, or discounts used.

Procedures for Returns:
All returned merchandise must have an RMA#. To request an RMA#, please fill out our RMA Request Form. After receiving an RMA#, the customer has 7 days to ship the item (ex. drop it off at a carrier’s store). The customer is responsible for all return shipping costs unless the product was defective upon arrival or defective, which is described in the “Damaged/Defective Products” section below. We can send you a pre-paid return label, the price of which gets deducted from the refund amount.


Deductions from the Amount Paid:

A) The shipping and handling costs to get the product to the customer
B) The cost of a return shipping label if you elect to have one made by us (suggested)
Other Deductions (if Applicable):
C) A flat fee of $99 for Water Machines that have been installed and used
D) Installation reimbursements that were already paid out to the customer
E) The retail cost of a HEPA Filter if the Air Purifier was used
F) At least 15% of the product purchase price if it not in like new condition, and/or has damage or missing parts
G) Any Customs Duty, VAT, or International Fees that were already paid to the customer’s country
H) Opened/used consumable product deductions. The refund amount will be based on the percentage of the product returned.
I) The dollar amount of Rewards Points used on another order earned from the order being refunded

How do Rewards Points work with Refunds?
If you have already used your Rewards Points from the order being refunded, no problem! You’ll get a refund in the form of your original payment, minus the dollar amount of the Rewards Points you already spent.

If you earned Rewards Points on your order being refunded and haven’t spent those points, they will be removed from your point balance.

If you are returning a product purchased with Rewards Points, we’ll return those points to your account balance.

*Like New Condition Explanation
Products shall be deemed “like new” if one of the following elements is satisfied: 1) the product is unopened; 2) the product is unused and the packaging is in a condition to be reasonably resold; 3) for consumables, the product expiration date has not elapsed and the product is unopened; 4) for water filters, it has not had water pass through it.

If the product is damaged beyond the point of being able to be reasonably resold as a “used product,” no refund will be awarded, and the customer may choose to have the product shipped back to them at their expense within 30 days of UltraLux Health receiving the product.

If you have additional questions about the UltraLux Health Refund and Return Policy, please contact us at support@ultraluxhealth.com.



Damaged / Defective Products

If the product is damaged during shipping, customer support must be notified at support@ultraluxhealth.com within 72 hours of delivery and images of the damage must be provided. UltraLux Health will issue a product replacement if the situation qualifies. A return label with an RMA# will be provided by UltraLux Health. The customer must return the defective product within 30 days of the replacement delivery date or they will be charged for the new product replacement.

If you believe you have a warranty issue and/or defective product, please contact customer support and refer to our warranties page.

In both scenarios, the return period restarts on the delivery date of the replacement product.


Incorrect Products & Exchanges

If you have received an incorrect product, contact us, and we will make it right. You will not be charged anything extra.
If you would like an exchange (ex: a different color than the one you ordered, upgrade or downgrade to a different product), we can help you with that. The exchange would follow the Return Policy (see above) and shipping charges would apply.



If the customer chooses to cancel their purchase before the product is shipped, they may receive a full refund of 100% of what they paid, if applicable. The regular Refund Policy (see above) will be applied if the customer cancels their purchase after the product has been shipped. Please contact us at support@ultraluxhealth.com for any cancellations. 

Items not Returnable

Products shall not be considered returnable if UltraLux Health discloses prior to purchase that the products are not subject to the Return Policy due to a special promotion, offer, etc. Clearance items that are Open-Box, Preowned, or Refurbished items are final sale and do not qualify for refund or return. 



In order for the warranty to apply, the item must be in like new condition, excluding the defect. Contact support@ultraluxhealth.com with photo or video evidence of the defective item. Whether or not the item is covered under warranty is under full discretion of Ultralux Health. If the item is covered, a replacement item will be shipped to the customer at no cost to the customer. And the defective product must be returned in a timely manner. If the item is not in like new condition (excluding the defect), UltraLux is still more than happy to replace the item at cost to the customer.
Warranties are only valid for the original buyer. Our warranties cover labor, defective parts, and return shipping of the product to the customer. The cost of the shipping from the customer to Ultralux Health is the responsibility of the customer (unless otherwise stated).
Warranties do not cover improper use of the product, issues caused by a lack of basic maintenance, any damage from abuse or misuse, or acts of God (including storms, flooding, fire, lightning, etc.), and any physical damage to the product by the owner.


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